What is the second indication of the quality of your work?

How do you begin to communicate to your clients that they can trust you and that your work or services are worth the money you would charge them?

Meeting them face to face is always a good start but after the initial meeting what will make them remember you rather than another person selling the same message?

Your sparkling personality should be enough to have made that much impact that you’re the one they need to call but can they find your business card to make that contact in the pile?

Is it memorable enough for them to bother to hunt for it? Or may be it was impressive enough for them to have singled it out!

How much is that contract worth? How many business cards would it buy?

I meet so many people with online freebie business cards which don’t reflect their business or their services and are the same as Joe Bloggs Hairdressers, Joe Blogs Builders and Joe Blogs Beauty Therapists. No USP no character and no personality! ‘No’ thing remarkable or memorable and no, not findable!

You promote your business as the best thing since sliced bread – you want to attract customers and you want people to buy from you.

Why would they put their trust in your business when you don’t appear to trust it yourself. You don’t even invest a couple of hundred pounds – or less – to promote yourself in your best light. Why then should they trust you?

‘Some’ ‘thing’ is better than nothing – for a very short time only! How long has your business been operating?  How many leads have you had?

If you have a delivery service, how many deliveries would you have made if you hadn’t bought a van/bike/car?

In some cases you can sell products without buying them in advance but don’t you have the brochures to promote them? Did you invest in the brochures?

Why not then invest in the business cards and promote yourself like you do your products!

You are your company! you are your business, without you your business will not exist.

C&G Electrical Installations invested in a new logo and new business cards, Colin stands up in meetings and says “See and feel the quality of my business cards and you will know the quality of my work”! He is a very busy man, he promotes himself but uses the business cards to their full potential. Engaging customers begins with you and your brand, leading them through a complete experience of consistent messages. How can you promote the quality of your products when your business cards – or any company media for that matter – doesn’t stand up for criticism. The quality of your business cards reflects the quality of your work.

 Are you proud to hand out your cards or do you apologise for them and make excuses?

Are you going to apologise for your work too?


Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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