As Movember is almost over I’d like to dedicate this blog to all the furry faces that will soon be clean shaven!

Hopefully you’ve achieved an impressive ‘handlebar’ moustache and raised lots of money for charity!

So to celebrate the month of moustaches here are a few eccentric typefaces, wild examples of facial hair and a tutorial to teach you how to make furry letters in photoshop.

You can find any kind of typeface on the internet, not always free but in general something will be similar. Typographers or Type Designers, who specialise in creating fonts usually work for Type Foundries, developing and designing typefaces. Adobe, Monotype, Bitstream, etc.

Typefaces are custom designed when a bespoke font or look is required. It is a very technical and complicated job to design typefaces. Balance and spacing, thicknesses, line lengths, ascenders and descenders. For most designers a hand drawn tweak on a good typeface can suffice!


More fonts are developed from original faces such as Futura or Times. Being based on a font means you already have the forms and ‘perfected’ shapes to build on. Most character or fun fonts are derived from these basic fonts.

Here are the fun furry faces that you can download from Fontspace


There’s even a special furry animal font with certain cute rodents that could be useful! there’s a few of these sort of ‘dingbat’ fonts around if you know what you are looking for!


The students at Brighton were ‘Movember’ inspired – maybe?

A moustache beyond moustaches! Promoting Typography

Using typography and adding special effects can be great fun and very creative. There are many tutorials on line that help you master the effects offered in photoshop and illustrator, if you want to know what you want to achieve there is help out there somewhere!

Whether you wish to create a glass effect or three dimensional metal its all there on one tutorial site or another! This example below shows you how to create furry lettering as promised!

What effects would do you really like to create?

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