what makes an advert goodAttractive Design and Interesting headlines makes an Advert good!

We talk about advertising, we see 3000- 5000 marketing messages per day, being bombarded left right and centre. Even messages we don’t identify as advertising pass under our noses.

So what is a good advert?

What makes it work?

good advertsTo begin with it must attract attention, sex being the number one selling gimmick!

It has to appeal to the target market it is trying to capture. Being put in front of the right audience makes an advert good! If it does not appeal to the audience it is reaching, however well written or presented it will not work.

Most marketing today is cleverly targeted, with so much information flashing around blanket marketing is rare and only suitable for certain products or services. No use advertising nappies to OAP’s – well not those nappies! The same goes for condoms in a nunnery!

Advertising today is a cut throat business, and expensive! High profile brands have huge budgets and wide facilities as well as their historical reputations.  Smaller business must look carefully to identify their unique selling points and to present their profile to their best ability. Being memorable is essential.

Our reputation makes us memorable, hopefully for good reasons.

From the article http://www.othermedia.com/blog/marks-spencer-dig-out-their-old-underwear,445,TA.html

From the article http://www.othermedia.com/blog/marks-spencer-dig-out-their-old-underwear,445,TA.html

Once a brand is recognised for good quality or good customer service its name is remembered and associated with those attributes. M&S was always renowned for its underwear, a bit boring and not sexy! Admittedly in some age groups that was great but everyone wants to be a bit sexy! (Its a bit different now, however! Just compare adverts!) They wanted to break the mould, it was limiting but didnt want to lose their solid reputation. M&S is now well known for its quality food, ‘its not just …. its Marks & Spencer….’  campaign proved extremely successful with many plagiarisms surfacing everywhere.

m&s foodA simple phrase that just caught the imagination, Ok, synonymous with the fantastic food photography, the right voice over and the right time slots, but it also had their reputation which was trusted to back it up. Not only their customer service is renowned for offering customer returns but the way the staff are treated is also to be praised. All this added up to a strong and simple but respected branding.

natyesAnother great example of simple but effective advertising is the current Nat West advertising seen in bus shelters and billboards. ‘Nat YES’! Brilliant! The way we associate letters and our minds convert them to words we recognise ensures we look, read and associate this advert with the bank that likes to say yes, why didn’t they come up with it before now? Nat West says “We say Yes to 9 out of 10 Mortgage applications!”  (The only thing letting this down was their SEO see this link)

‘Funny’, ‘clever’, ‘attractive’, ‘naughty’, ‘suggestive’, are the best kind of adverts, ‘controversial’ is debatable, if you agree no publicity is bad!

Emotion sells, especially in advertising, and that all comes from association. Nat West wants to be known as the friendly bank that helps its customers and says ‘Yes’. Marks & Spencers wants to be known for quality not just another supermarket.

What do you want to be known for? 

Can you back it up?


Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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