How do you use an empty white space on the page to get your message across?

You’ve read about ‘black’ and how to use it – here are a few ideas for using ‘white space’.

‘White space’ or ‘negative space’ , as it is often called, can make or break a design.

With good design white space can work in such a way that you create something beautiful from the areas of the unused page.

With limited space on a page or advert the tendency to fill it with as large a logo or as much explanatory text is sadly a mistake often seen. This ultimately confuses the eye and bombards the reader with so much information it is usually disregarded and passed over. Too much text with headings shouting at you across the page and loud brash logos and crammed photos will not encourage a reader and certainly not result in positive responses.

Subtle impact is the key here not the equivalent to ‘verbal diarrhoea!

Using the space on the page to your advantage enables the reader to focus on the most important aspect and encourages ‘saturation’ and hopefully future recall. Catching the eye catches the interest!

NASA-Goddard-Photo-and-Video from Creative Commons

Using white space around the elements on your page gives balance and elegance to a layout. The best adverts use concise targeted copy and need very little ‘bulk’ to provoke and inform.

Carefully think about the real message you want people to read and the actual image you want them to see.

A compelling title, and well constructed text along with a professional photograph will sell your product far more successfully than an overcrowded over crammed jumbled box of words and pictures.

Its a bit like a story with no punctuation, no where to breathe and no chance to absorb the real message.

However, inexpert use of the white space can leave the page looking unfinished. Any bit of space ‘left’ doesn’t work!  Margins,  essentially equal margins, and gutters are crucial on any page of text. Not falling off the page or text being too near the edge, being cut off in its prime is not a good look!

Space around the elements make them aesthetically pleasing, the secret is in the ‘symmetry’ and in the ‘balance’.

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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