spot uv printingSpot UV creates a stunning and intense area to the colour of your image or logo by coating the area with a film of varnish.

It is simply, a ‘glaze’ applied to your business card or brochure to enhance the design and give it that extra ‘oomph!”

The coating is applied in very thin films and can be made in a variety of matt, glossy and reflective ranges. The’Ultra Violet’ coating is applied over printed ink or the paper or board being printed on.

How to use it and when… can be applied in ‘spot’ locations or cover an entire photo or page. It deepens the colours of printed areas improving and enhancing the richness of the page. Using it in small areas can be very effective on a logo, photo or image. It is often found used on its own to create a transparent effect for type or shapes that are sympathetic to the overall design.  The contrast between a matt paper or board and the high gloss varnish produces interesting textures and nice effects can be accomplished using a spot uv on a dense black or even on the white page – utilising white and negative space. Avoid fine details and small text as the register may not be accurate enough.

Spot UV originates from the screen printing process but more commonly now is applied during the four colour printing process, it requires its own film and plate and is often described as a spot colour because of that. It dries almost instantaneously so there is no problem with delaying the required finishing processes. 1When producing files for spot uv, anything that is to be in the varnish must be supplied as a separate 100%black file.

spot uv business cardAdding spot UV to your design costs more but it is certainly justified by the final results. It can have a striking effect and certainly gets your business cards noticed.

Look out for offers on the internet from printers who will do special deals on business cards and leaflets.


Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.