What is Graphic Design?

What does a Graphic Designer do ?

A Graphic Designer puts together images and text to produce media that communicates a message. This is usually commissioned by someone who is selling a product or a service and needs to reach their target audience. A Graphic Designer is usually trained in all media to some degree or another to produce relevant communications that suite each particular individual clients needs. This can be from branding a product or a company’s image to promote their profile or popularity in the competition with their competitor. Advertising, sales and marketing media, information design, infographics, books magazines or digital web design.

Conveying  a specific message to specific people.

The importance of using both typography and images with pleasing and aesthetic page layout is paramount and good design comes with certain golden rules. Although all rules are there to be broken, utilising these rules and knowing when to break them is an ‘art’. Most professional Graphic Designers have been trained and qualified, then worked their way up in design companies learning and developing their specialities.

Experience and knowledge in the Graphic Design industry is essential, while good design can be taught there is no substitute for natural talent which is always enhanced by further training.

The time and talent that goes into a design concept is very often not appreciated as it can be a long time in development and can suffer from trying to please all the people all the time. Sometimes the design criteria are tight and succinct other times its open and ambiguous, neither parameters are ever easy and straightforward.

Creative people worldwide produce surprising and innovative design, all of which can be appreciated for its quality even if not to a particular taste. A Graphic designer will submit a design proposal that will appeal to some and not to another but hopefully the creativity and reason that went in to it will be appreciated.

Graphic design is used for developing identity, logos and branding, magazines, information design, brochures and manuals, newspapers, and books, advertising and sales material and product packaging. Graphic Design is also used for designing web pages, banners and other digital media.

For any page layout required, whether single or multiple which needs images and text to communicate successfully, using a Graphic Designer will produce a pleasing attractive result and will be well worth the investment many times over!