infographicsBasically “Infographics” are illustrations of complex flow charts, information or data.

Converted into a visual form rather than written text so allowing a clearer understanding and reference more quickly and easier.

Most “Infographics” are used in books, journalism, technical books and education. Ideal for web use to break up highly complex web site design with attractive coloured images that catch the eye and encourage readers rather than put them off with pages of mundane text.

Weather maps, and traffic signs, icons and emblems all come under Infographics, the social media symbols on your web pages and the icons used for links and special offers all offer information in images making a layout or web interactive and attractive. Without infographics web pages would look like the html page that created them and magazines and manuals would be solid text.

Infographics areĀ a major part of a Graphic Designer’s services.

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Even Logos could be argued as being categorised as Infographics. Instructions in pictorial form are much easier to read universally than pages of text, diagrams – well drawn and accurate! – can aid in so many ways ie flat pack furniture!! (we all know, you may as well read some of those upside-down and they still don’t make sense!)

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