screaming textThe IMPACT achieved in good advertising is down to brilliant communication and typography.

Here are a four tips to help create simple ’emotive’ type that imparts the message more clearly and in a more interesting way.

Using text to highlight important information or points to be aware of can take on different and stronger meanings using clever typography. Communicating your message clearly is essential, making an immediate unforgetable impact or enticing the reader to read on and discover they cant live without your service convincing the customer that your product is the only one to buy.

1. Typography is an essential ‘Art’!

Fonts can be ‘sensitive’ or ‘bossy’, the use of  italics can soften any font, while capitals will always look like you mean business.

Have you ever received a text in capital letters?


in comparison to …

“… I am writing to you to inform you that your last sales figures were….”

Was it done by accident or on purpose… I have hit the caps lock by accident but always re-typed it!

Words are very powerful but how they are displayed can change their meaning altogether. Both of the above texts read the same but can you tell which one may have continued with the receipt of a P45 and which one awarded a bonus?

On the other hand, I have sent – once and only once – two separate texts consisting of one four letter word followed by a three, in caps. I believe the message was received and understood. Impact!

2. Dont confuse the reader, typefaces should be chosen for the right emotion, but not over done.

face smile a face smile

You can SHOUT and you can Whisper!

Messages need to be short sharp and interesting but convey the right meaning, its not just what you write its how it looks. Typography is not to be underrated.

Making use of the hundreds of different and innovative typefaces available that can reflect the emotions that need to be conveyed. Find something unusual but dont over do it! (Read this about choosing your font) The type in the above images is used as headlines only and another simple typeface would be used for further text. However when designing information media, your creative ability is only limited by the fonts you own and have access to.

3. Applying sizes, weights and colours to more standard typefaces can still create the effects you desire.

Bold will always be ‘strong’ no matter what font used,  italic will always be lighter and softer.

kootation.comYou can say much more using the right typeface, playing with the weights and sizes of the letters which gives strength and vitality to the text. It takes on a life of its own – not just boring paragraphs on paragraphs with unending type.

This is so true for anything designed incorporating text whether it is a book, magazine or poster. Good advertising relies not only on clever wording but clever use of fonts, weights and sizes of text to highlight and attract attention.


Hugo Boss advert


Elle, YSL advert

A poster advertising a love story will more than often use soft flowing typefaces among the elements of the design.  A leaflet aimed at selling building products will use bold strong solid typefaces. To illustrate this to its extremes look at advertising for feminine products, perfumes, romance novels and chick lit. Then browse the men’s aftershave or deodorant sections in stores!

4. Use colours to make type stand out.

A beautiful font will only be complimented by the right colour. However using unusual combinations may work well depending on the message and the product, white headlines on dark colours give great impact but simple typography in grey or muted colours look stylish against white. Outlining fonts in contrasting colours can create an interesting effect or a coloured drop shadow will be a little different. Remember tho – less is more!

Emotions can be easily communicated by unusual or strong typefaces, additional picture content will illustrate the sentiments but complimentary letter forms will help create a strong outstanding piece of design and its so much better and fun to experiment and play with type!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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