You can design the best eye-catching informative brochure or graphic element but one simple thing can lose you instant credibility no matter how good it may be.


A spelling error or several! 

Many web sites I have viewed have been simply dissappointing as they contained obvious spelling errors or shockingly counter productive with continual errors through out – so ruining the  clients credibility and totally showing the responsible web designer as sloppy and irresponsible.

There is nothing worse than receiving a newly printed batch of 2000 leaflets to find a spelling or grammatical error. Sadly it can happen even if meticulous one can easily slip through. Unfortunately  with confusion over american dictionaries and english many words are often suspect, in those cases it is not the biggest crime of the century but however you look at it – spelling does matter!

The Client may supply the text and yes that may be his responsibility but if it goes unchecked, you , the designer/creator, ultimately has the reputation to burn!

I was asked to look at a website recently and all throughout the site there were errors, luckily the person was doing it themselves and had really set it up as first draft, however with one supplied to a colleague of mine last year that was not the case and the web designer had typed in the text and created the mistakes when the client had supplied a perfect copy!

My pet hate is poor spelling, even by text, Im sadly a spelling snob! “There, their and were, where, with your, and you’re, indicate to me the authors education, or not as the case may be, and the care they have put into the text.

Lets be fair would a CV with a spelling error ever make it passed the bin?

(past and passed is a good one too!)

Nobody is perfect, look at the pdf below….

My wonderful printer pointed this out just as it was going on press….. see below for the corrected file! My excuse was the amount of work I had on at the time and deadlines I was working to, luckily for me he knows me well!

Whilst its easy to do, its easy to prevent, to your best ability, use the spell checker and read through the layout and text carefully. Predictive text is a big culprit, sure I don’t even need to suggest some of the errors made there that have been sent!

One tip is to read your formatted text upside-down, words take on different shapes and the eye is able to spot more odd looking words than it expects in normal circumstances. Of course another good idea is to get another person to read it through as well but that cant always be possible.

I’m sure proof readers have their own tips and tricks to help them out!

From text messages that can change your life by a wrong word in the wrong place or a huge costly rejection of that brochure you have lovingly designed, look at your spelling and use a dictionary whenever in doubt.

Accuracy and attention to detail is a paramount requirement in the design world and sometimes your reputation depends on it!

Please comment if you find the deliberate spelling error in the above text!

Angieandco, with the ‘d’!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.