5 Reasons For Sending Your Clients A Christmas Card!

Christmas is a time most of us believe in spreading goodwill and good cheer. I love receiving Christmas cards from my friends and family and making contact with people I hardly ever see but like! When someone sends me a Christmas card, to me, it means that they have thought about me and care about keeping in contact!

It’s the same with Clients.

Sending your Clients a Christmas Card indicates all they want to know, that they are special, that you care enough about their custom to take care of them and give them preferential treatment above others.

What better way to take advantage of the season to do some undercover marketing!

300 40x40 copyWhy miss such an opportunity?

So here are 5 reasons to go buy hundreds of beautiful greetings cards and make it part of your marketing mix – all wrapped up in ribbons and festive paper!

1.  Keeping in contact with your Clients.

writingReceiving a Christmas Card from you will ensure your Client knows you are taking a personal interest in them. Sending your Client a Christmas Card demonstrates that you value their custom and believe they are important to your business, not only from the passed year but for the coming new year.

2. A Christmas Card will remind your Client who you are and what you do.

Going one step further, a bespoke card illustrating you or your services and carrying your logo will stand out from every other card on their shelf. It will market your business over the christmas period and will be on display for all to see!

who you are3.  Receiving a Christmas Card is so much more personal than an email.

It is also far more likely to be opened than trashed before opening.  Not everyone is internet friendly and many of your clients may miss your Christmas message if sent electronically.

4.  Great for keeping your Client marketing lists up to date.

Contact details are constantly changing so to keep your marketing campaigns on track updating and increasing your lists are essential. Marketing lists are only useful when up-to-date and relevant.

5.  Sending Marketing flyers through out the year can be an expensive operation.

PD*60708286Even more so if you don’t receive the orders or see any return on investment. Hard selling and Cold calling is more often counter productive and too many emails or mail shots end up being ignored. Christmas is a great excuse for some ‘Soft Sell’ and sub-conscious marketing, it may even keep the post office in business.

You may find the Client calls you to thank you for the christmas greeting! You may find an order waiting for you in the new year!

Don’t only send to your Clients – send to your suppliers, those who have given you a good deal or those who you hope to work with in the future. Well wishes can only help working relationships and develop stronger loyalties.

Essentially its networking by post!!

By sending Christmas greetings it shows we are thinking of others

Angel copyright Angie Phillips 2013I have always sent my own cards to friends, family and clients and many actually keep them and look forward to seeing what I send them each year. It’s a lovely compliment but when a particular new Client told me my card was still on her desk in July I decided it was definitely a worthwhile ‘chore’.

One minor consideration – if I forget ANYONE I’m in trouble!

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