5 Reasons NOT To Send Your Client A Christmas Card This Year….

Sending Business Christmas Cards can be a chore for many reasons – so here are a few good reasons not to bother, but here are also the arguments why you may wish to reconsider!!

Reasons for taking the easy way out of sending Business Christmas Cards….

1.  The Christmas rush overtakes me every year and I just don’t have the time to devote to buying, writing, addressing and posting christmas greetings  – its easier to send a group email! I get RSI any way!

writing christmas cardsCan you really not allow some extra “marketing” time, missing out on the best excuse for contacting a ‘cold’  client in a non-sales orientated way means missing out on re-establishing an old relationship and a possible re-order! At the end of the day you will be advertising your business.

2.  Too expensive, its all too commercialised and why should I keep the Post Office in business?

How much is an average order worth?

For the small sum of £2 or £3 you could generate a new order for the new year. If your quietest time is January and february wouldn’t a good will gesture in December help with those sales figures?Where would we be with out the post office anyway? But thats another blog subject!
recycling paper

3.  Why should trees die to line commercial pockets?
Its all a big waste of paper and we should start being more conscious in this ecological climate.

Tricky, yes we use too much paper, but many organisations reuse and recycle paper products today. However how much paper do you waste on mailings throughout the year, think about dropping one sales mailing and send a non sales greeting card. I would like to bet you generate more goodwill and feedback from the greetings card!
pagan ceremonies

4.  I don’t want to offend all my non-christian clients by insulting them with ‘Christmas Wishes”.

Seriously …? who could really be offended by genuine good will?

5.  I keep in touch via social media so I’m in touch with everyone I need to be!

My email newsletter does the job!

trash…And it will probably be trashed with all the rest of the junk mail!Good business is done via good relationships. People like to be set apart from others and appreciated for their custom and their loyalty.  Treating all your clients the same is ok but they don’t need to know. They want to be valued. Good customer service will always win over price with the right customers.


Sending Business Christmas Cards is all part of taking care of your customers and will always win you brownie points!  Making your customer feel special and valued is essential to encourage repeat sales and raises their opinion of you and your business. It’s all about your brand and how you want to be seen by prospective and current customers.

Taking time out at the one time of year when everyone knows how busy it is will go a very long way in establishing or even re-establishing good relations with new or old clients.

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