pumping up your businessFilling up with Petrol could help fill your order book!

Advertising boosts your business when done in the right way. With so much market competition no matter what your product or service, advertising in the wrong place to the wrong people can be very expensive. Making it work and making it pay is essential. Finding the right place to advertise and successfully pumping up your business can be tricky with so much choice.

Don’t just think magazines, TV and billboards, whose rates are probably a little more than the average business owner can afford for long. (Read more about Advertising on a Small Budget here) There are a few places that can reach a good portion of the market that are becoming more popular and catching on fast.

advertising entertainmentBeer mats have always been used in pubs for promoting their beers and drinks but for targeting people interested in entertainment it’s ideal!  Airport advertising will target the impulse buyer especially in Duty Free! Advertising now appears on the back of seat covers and table trays in aircraft reaching millions of people every day. Changing rooms target customers in buying mode! Washrooms and toilets advertise anything from fragrances to contraceptives.

trolley cakeShopping trolleys will advertise the products currently on special promotion. Advertising is becoming more common in unusual places – when the budget can be offset by advertising rates any surface will do! Car parks now offer advertising on the back of their tickets, a great place to offer shoppers vouchers or entice the driver to get a return on their parking fees!

Petrol Stations service hundreds of people in all sectors, almost everyone visits petrol stations as a passenger if not a driver most weeks. Drivers are a good target – although you may think a little wide for some marketing – but you can actually narrow them down – to particular petrol pumps, believe it or not!

white van manYou have the ‘White Van Man’ or ‘Small-Business-Who-Delivers’, usually diesel users, ‘Shoppers’ on supermarket forecourts, ‘Lorry Drivers’ who fill up in HGV forecourts on motorways and even the ‘Commuter’, ‘Salesman’ or ‘Professional’ who drive up and down the motorways between offices every day!

Petrol pump advertising is quite an innovating idea, how long does it take to fill up?

pumping up your businessIf you are not looking at the pounds ticking away, the pump handle may catch your eye, especially if you are double checking that its petrol not diesel!

What a great place to advertise your MOT & Car Repairs, or New Garage Doors perhaps. It could be local restaurants, B&B’s, Hotels or Sports retailers.

Focusing on areas local to your business, or where your products are being sold.

Targeting service stations where coach trips stop on route or where travellers are more likely to stop for a break.

Figures from T4Media estimate that 16,000 fill ups happen in one month at a roadside garage and over 48,000 at a supermarket site. (depending on the site). For a very reasonable price you can advertise in one service station for 4 weeks and every pump will carry your advert. Check out the costs with T4Media

Certainly this offers many ideas for a small advertising campaign and the companies selling this type of advertising do know their stuff especially T4Media Group whose own advert on the pump I used brought it to my attention!

pumping up your business

Simply and effective advertising – targeting the driving community in the right place!










If you target a particular class of motorist as your best customer, petrol pump advertising could be and ideal and beneficial place to advertise!


By the way – if you enquire at T4Media, mention this article just in passing!!
Many thanks!

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