need new business cardsA new image, a new contact number and you need new business cards but what do you do with the old ones?

For many reasons the need for new business cards does not only happen when they have run out after a serious amount of networking or promotion.

• Changed your company name
• Have a new contact details
• Changed your services
• Updated your branding
Or just fed up and need a new design…?

So what do you do in this ecological sensitive world?

Instead of throwing them all in the recycling (well they will be recycled!) here’s a few innovating ideas to use them up!

If the contact details are still relevant –telephone box advertising

  1. Find a phone box – they are still around – and post a few in there – you may not get the right enquiries but it could encourage a new customer base!
  2. Go round placing them on car windscreens in supermarket car parks.
  3. Find as many competitions that ask for a business card for entry – this is useful if you are about to change the contact details as you could win the prize but later their marketing list wont have your new numbers!

If the contact details are no longer valid –

  1. need new business cardsMany DIY jobs need wedges…
  2. Restaurant tables are often wobbly…
  3. Projectors need levelling.
  4. Meeting hard sell enthusiastic sales men at networking meetings
  5. Freely give away to Double Glazing salesmen etc…
  6. Someone you owe money to… well it may work for a while!
  7. Scrapping “stuff” off your windscreen…
  8. Scrapping “stuff” off your shoes!
    business card book mark

If they are only single sided – (This also works for the piles of cards you have stored from other people!)

  1. Pot plant markers
  2. Reminders
  3. Freezer bag labels
  4. Parcel Labels
  5. Handy size for prompt cards during a presentation

The list could go on…

If you have now been able to justify the need for a nice new fresh business card, contact me for a quote… if you haven’t read this!

10% off the design of a new business card


If you supply a great or funny idea and a picture of how to use up your old ones, Ill give you 10% off the cost of the new design!  I’ll also post your image with a link to your website!

business card design

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Thanks to Iceflow Studios for the great freebie templates!

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