How is your ‘Movember’ growing’?

During November each year, ‘Movember’ is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. Moustaches add to your personality – may be!



Believe it or not Typefaces have personality and can be as different as moustaches! Generally when we think of moustaches the most renowned ones come to mind, Hulk Hogan, Groucho, Hitler, Hercule Poirot but all very different! Typefaces, the common ones being, Times, Arial, Helvetica, but there are so much more to find!

Moustaches are not only preened but consciously designed by each proud owner, so are Fonts! Designed by experts in their field to get the balance shape and weight exactly right to create a typeface that conveys the mood and attitude they want.

Typefaces, like moustaches have ‘twiddly bits’, some are easily identified but many have very similar traits like Arial and Helvetica.  You can tell them apart by looking very carefully at angles and shapes. Serifs on fonts – the twiddly bits – help to narrow it down.

I recenty spent hours on line searching for a particular font to match a clients logotype,  I gave up eventually, which is very unlike me as I am quite frustrated to have to admit defeat. However after scanning every font identify ing web site I could find I could still not get it right – in the end I hand drew the ‘twiddley bits and manipulated the word to match as best as possible! The Client was happy, Im still keeping an eye out!

With so many variations each typeface we use has its own unique shape just like the moustache!

Choose your typeface for the qualities and shapes you see and how the letters stand together, good design starts here – if designing a ‘Logotype’ one typeface for one particular word will not work for another word, its how the letters fit together and what shapes they make!

Comic Sans



These illustrations use typefaces that convey the differences and flexibility of typography and very clever!



Choosing the correct typeface isnt that difficult- use one you like! There are hundreds on- line that can be bought or if lucky downloaded free. Read my previous article about choosing fonts and where to find them. 

Fonts are fun – finding the right font for the right logo or branding is essential – what the client likes, the feel, the masculinity or femininity, the angles and the shapes of the serifs make it an art form of its own.

So heres a quick guide translating the style of moustache into a typestyle!! A moustache is’nt just a moustache as we can all see this month. Various sizes, thicknesses and colours. ‘Movember’ has given every guy the excuse to have a go and grow something even if its for only 4 weeks of the year.

The right typeface makes or breaks a design or logo, and too many will kill any design, like too many christmas decorations or too much conflicting pattern and colour – less is more!

Watch out tho! The wrong moustache has the danger of affecting relationships – no one will kiss you if you are a bit too spiky!





The aim of  ‘Movember’ which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Check out Movember as there is still time to donate or grow something furry!

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