logos are just symbolsHow important is it that your Logo ‘informs’ a prospective customer about what you do?

What does it say about you and how can it generate sales?

Recently, while shopping in a supermarket, I cam across a row of wok pans. Now the state of my wok is pretty serious. Its been scratched and scrubbed with the wrong cleaning pad and there is more ‘stick’ than non stick! So really, I could do with a replacement. Looking along the row of pans their were several choices but I was unable to make a decision. I need a particular piece of information before purchasing. Asking  a sales assistant was futile and even customers services could not tell me what I needed to know.

redwokOn the label/card inset was two rows of symbols intended for information purposes, however they were not all self explanatory and there was no key! There were symbols but it was dubious which ones meant exactly what! The symbols failed! With that failure the supermarket lost a sale. I need a pan that can be used on an induction hob, others won’t work, so I could not be bothered to take any chances.

The general basic idea in using logos and symbols – logos are just symbols –  is to identify and inform more quickly than lines of text. Instant recognition and memorability.

Does your logo inform or confuse?

Does your logo explain who or what you are?

A logo should add meaning to your company name or product, supporting and ‘symbolising’ your business.

Many big brands have evolved and developed their logos have become so well known that it is easy to spot them a mile off and to identify with them straight away. They have worked hard with big marketing budgets and advertising until they are household names, we know what they are from historic reputation (read about Harley Davidson). Branding for smaller local business’ is often not considered essential but I believe even on a small scale a consistent identity and branding enhances your professionalism and credibility! Many will not notice and just accept what they see as face value but for those who ‘look’ will remember and associate your business with a need when required.

A strong symbol that people associate ‘with you’ will remind them ‘of you’ whenever they see or hear other people talking about it!

Coffee from Costa or Starbucks, logos need to inform. logos are just symbolsWhat your subconscious absorbs, influences your day to day decisions and choices, that’s what advertising agencies rely on to a huge extent! Whether you see Starbucks or Costa out of the corner of your eye, what a good idea…. and you end up stopping for a coffee – we do! (Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and a granola bar!) Thats another £10 in the till!

Logos and symbols have to work on an international scale more than ever and being able to be universally understood is crucial!!

logos are just symbols toilet doors - logos are just symbols

We learn and remember road signs, associate symbols with essential and basic information, all can be labelled as ‘infographics’ of one kind and another, whether thats on a toilet door or the coffee shop in the shopping mall.

Make your logo work for you, ensure it symbolises your business, your ethics and especially your USP (Unique Selling Point)!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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