Detox starts here, at the beginning of a new year, new month, new week or new day.

There is never a chance to be missed or an excuse to be given to detox an area of your life – Start today!

Detoxing yourself, your life, or your business, getting in shape, changing habits and setting new objectives. Start somewhere and work on it gradually! Getting yourself in shape also means getting your business in shape – have you been meaning to do some advertising? Revamp your stationery, improve your accounting process and invoicing system or even revamp your web site? Sure to bet at least one of those is on your ever extending list. Too much to contemplate – put off till the next week/month/year?

Here’s a few tips to help start at the beginning –

Evaluate or re-evaluate your Brand.

• Name – is it still relevant?

• Colours – do you fancy a change or want to change the intensity – a colour can do that!

Logo – Does it describe your CURRENT business, does it remain memorable and relevant?

A revamp is always cheaper than a redesign but make sure it is what you want and it achieves enough, if not invest in rebranding and relaunch – always a good excuse for some new marketing!

• Contact details – Are they current?

Email – is it your own?

• Is all your stationery, marketing and sales media consistent in colour, typeface, image and message?

• Media – is your marketing material relevant – get it in shape, no one wants a flabby leaflet! Are you targeting the right people still?

• Web site – may be a big job to overhaul but small details or changes can make a huge difference.  (Make sure you own the rights to your site)

Business Processes – How efficient are you?  Can you keep track of incoming and outgoing expenses? Are your terms and conditions in good working order, are they relevant?

Too many loose ends create a lot of work and can be overwhelming. Small changes slowly and ‘ticked’ off move you through the maze and add together to achieve clarity.

Tolerating a logo you don’t like or hating the colour that someone else chose, handing out irrelevant special offer leaflets will not do your confidence or your reputation in your business any good.

Stale marketing and out of date pictures will pull you down so find images that you find interesting and relate to your business and consider how to improve yours.

Being confined to a colour or a font for no reason other than it being historic needs shaking and dragging into the new year!

Remove those toxins, change your outlook on your business may be and look at new ideas.

Refreshment and revamping will breathe new life in to your business and your customers will be energised at the same time.


By the way there are help groups for the addiction to ‘Comic Sans’!

Happy New You!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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