How much difference does the look of a product affect the quantity of sales made, does it increase your sales?

Recently been commissioned to create some new bright labels for hand poured candles.A new business, a new endeavour with the foresight to want to get a better look and ‘packaging’ for a product that is quite common – Candles.

Its a luxury item (well basic, if you have high electricity bills!)

Why choose one candle over another?

CandleMax, a great name needed a little help to start the business burning!

The range of fragrances was already quite large and in four basic categories of fragrances, more could be and would be added.  The design of the labels were colourful and decorative but flexible so they could be changed to suit each fragrance range or expanded.

The actual fragrance was to be handwritten on the label, for convenience in the short term, due to the vast range, but that also highlighted the quality and the ‘hand made’ aspect of the product.

A Face book page was created and the client, Maxine, hence Candle’MAX’ – told you it was a great name – started sharing it and getting ‘likes’ almost immediately. There were very few competitors doing anything on Facebook so it was a good start.

Social media offers a fantastic free forum for promoting products and businesses like CandleMax and the best place to start!

Within days of putting her products ‘out there’ she had a party booked and so many orders she wasn’t sure where to start! Her enthusiasm and confidence sold her products as much as the labels. Within days she was also producing a variety of larger candles and buying far more stock to complete her orders. I believe there is a plan for a ‘shed’ for her production line. The original labels were edited and used for the new sized products, nice consistency!

With more confidence in her product and such increased interest production could engulf the garage as well!

It s been very satisfying creating a simple label which has made so much difference and has helped start something very worthwhile. Basically, maxine has started to ‘build’ her ‘brand’. It may alter slightly in the following development but she has something to start with.

The original labels before

As a testimonial, I have one of the candles on my desk and the fragrance is lovely and I haven’t even had it alight yet!

With a little investment CandleMax has increased her sales and her advantage over her competitors has rocketed already – If you are looking to order for Christmas talk to her quickly! visit the Facebook page – CandleMax

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