Do you know what feeling of emotion will help to sell your product?

Successfully using emotional branding to create good marketing and advertising can only be done if you can target that emotion.

Finding the right emotion which will help you sell your brand and your products is essential.

Creating the idea that good quality windows and doors will offer warmth and security rather than offering 50% off and stupid guarantees will encourage far more sales enquiries.

You may be selling windows and doors but really you are selling what those customers want to achieve, they want warmth and security!

When you offer a manicure, you are offering feel good factor and how they feel and look with beautiful nails! A painter and decorator is offering a beautiful and clean house.

Emotional branding plays on advantages and benefits, how people want to see themselves, thinner, stylish and in many cases accepted and envied by others, we want to have the right things whether its the most up to date iphone or the trendiest trainers.

Culture and peer pressure creates brand awareness. The ‘Fashion’ of the day, whats ‘trending’, whats in the media, and ‘who’ wears it. Using celebrities and brand placement is now a very big consideration.

“Cool” will sell! Heroes sell it!

So, how did ‘Primark’ become so popular?

Nicknamed “Primarché” or “Primarni”,  they offer limited stock. If you didnt get it it was gone. It was cheap, really cheap but catered for the throw away market. Many people walk around the malls carrying “Primark” bags in the same hand as their “All Saints”! Gossip was – “Can you believe it, I got it in Primark, it was only….”

They didn’t flood the market and what they offered was guilt free.

Guilt being the emotion! In this case removing it.

Lynx sales and brand awareness have rocket with the recent campaign, Lynx-Effect! man uses lynx and is stampeded by women everywhere – the dream of all teenager boys no doubt!

Creating emotional branding is all about using emotions in many ways, find the emotion that is easily associated with your product and service and the advantages you offer that plays with those emotions.

Carefully analyse what you are really giving the clients when they buy your product.

Consider what does your brand or product do for your clients?

How does it make them feel?

Why should they use it?

Insurance companies are selling the guarantee and reassurance of a replacement car or personal possessions when they are lost.

Skin care and herbal remedies are not selling a cream or potion but a better appearance and health, looking younger feeling healthier not a great cream!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.