A new brand, a new shop and a new outlook…

‘Michael Frank Jewellers’ or as previously know ‘Jewellery Rooms’ in Essex decided to not only re brand but move premises and totally reinvent their image and outlook.

A whole new image was created in more ways than one.

Designing a new logo and colours was only the beginning, it was developing the branding that was rewarding and very satisfying. It didnt happen all at once but evolved as we worked on more elements that were required. Being given the opportunity to create a consistent but flexible identity across all media from shop front to stationery and email signature proved to be more and more exciting as the identity began to fall into place and work.

The new adverts were stunning, the pink and black colours captured the eye even when opposite their competitors ads. Local and national wedding magazines carried a new Michael Frank advert.  The branding was extended across all their media, revamping the gift boxes and bags, new premises with new interiors and exterior graphics, creating a ‘Michael Frank‘ experience.

Michael Frank was seen at all the good Wedding Shows and exhibitions across Essex and London. Being seen and making their presence felt.

The result was new customers finding their premises and showrooms because of the advertising campaigns and the strong attractive branding.

The customer was treated to a personal consultation at the showrooms or in their own surroundings. Making the customer feel comfortable,  and extending all the time they required to look at ranges of rings and jewellery at their convenience. The “Michael Frank” service made the customer feel cared for, rather than ‘someone’ was just selling them ‘a ring’,  they were being looked after and advised at each step of the way.  Finding the right rings for that special occasion is Michael Frank’s  USP, engaging the customers and offering them confidence and trust in cost and quality.

However not satisfied with advertising and merchandising the brand they jumped with both feet on to the social media platforms. Facebook pages were created and posted to regularly. Not only products and gorgeous jewellery but they interacted and created the beginnings of a prominent on-line presence. Tweeting the right messages endorsed their expertise and engaged followers across the country.

They used their own wedding to promote their jewellery, in a way that only comes from personal experience and showing the world that quality was important to them and the day itself  was something special for every one – they believed it not just sold it.

Michael Frank is a continuing success story for branding and social media but comes with hard work and consistency. It also succeeded because of the belief in their quality jewellery and confidence in their expertise and decision to invest in a rebranding that resulted in creating something special.

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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