Harley Davidson a great example of emotional brandingWhy do I get emotional when I see a Harley Davidson showroom…?

The advantages of creating emotional branding is paramount in successful branding and will always play a huge role in advertising and marketing.

Creating a culture around a brand

This has proved to have highly successful results as the blog by DIT Blogger about Harley Davidson highlights.


Harley Davidson a great example of emotional brandingIt highlights the concept of creating a culture around the Harley Davidson brand and how that in itself has successfully avoided a decline in sales when other motorbike manufacturers have found it hard to maintain their ground.

Harley Davidson is a fantasy brand, those lucky enough to ride and own one are the focus of wishful onlookers or just plain green eyed monsters – and who can blame them?

To be admitted into the Harley culture you have to own one, or at second best ride one, your reputation will go before you, fame and fortune rest on that set of wheels!

Being part of the HD culture is almost enough but HD created opportunities for its customers to connect, there are Harley Davidson hangouts, a forum, and federations around the world.

An Exclusive Universal Club.

The branding in itself has been changed and tweaked for different bikes and over time appears in many shapes and forms but maintaining a strong unforgettable overall image. This branding evokes more memories for the club members than we can imagine!!

Harley Davidson a great example of emotional branding

an old example of Harley Davidson emotional branding


Another example of Emotional Branding…

Thinking of another brand that has created such undivided adoration and following, can only be Apple!  Apple fans used to think so highly of their white ear plugs before the ipod became huge, if our imac was placed in a movie we would all smile quietly to ourselves – we were mac addicts!

apple emotional brandingapple new logo emotional brandingNot quite the same now as the apple store is full to the brim with apple addicts, the way of the world may be! Not so exclusive now, so not quite like HD!


May be its the exclusivity is the key!?


Your branding starts with your logo and your USP, but to build the brand you need to build outwards, it needs to be seen in different places, you need to be found demonstrating your expertise and your knowledge. Branding needs to be flexible but consistent or strong enough to demonstrate its versatilely with out losing the following!

… and why do I get emotional?

Simple… I dont own one and dont ride one, see here a ‘green eyed wishful monster’…

What brand makes you wishful and evokes dreams and maybe goals?

Just to leave you with a thought, have I mentioned the word ‘motorbike’ any where in my blog? Have I given you an image to look at? 

You knew what I was talking about tho!

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