Branding For Celebration Cakes and Bakeries

Cake packaging

Two very different approaches…

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium – Branding created for a range of high profile Celebration Cakes to pitch to a large Department store in West End of London. The Logo had to reflect high quality, classic styling for a range of celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies of all varieties.

Smart, classic with style and quality, the sophisticated designs had to stand out on the shelves from the swirly pink brands without fighting but sitting back confidently!

3D Packaging mockups were designed for the presentation pitch.

Elizabeth's cake emporium packages

Logo design for Kals Bakery in Essex, a great little logo for a family owned bakery producing all range of breads, cakes and pastries. It’s a very different design because their customer base is totally different. The cartoon style reflected their brand as they wanted something showing lively, friendly and approachable.