Part Four, Widening the reach of  your Brand

With a logo, a background and your profile you can now reinvent your Twitter background or Facebook business page timeline pic. You can create a banner for your blog page and enhance your email signature.

When you comment on a forum or send an email you are promoting your company and reminding the recipient who you are and what you do. Although you have your graphic elements don’t forget to write a bio or intro for yourself and what you do or what your company is all about.

Twitter background format can change but generally you can input your logo or profile pic in the box, even a company twitter profile is better to have the profile pic not the logo if possible. On the twitter site itself you can set your logo to tile across your background colour.

There are many templates for backgrounds you can use to completely alter the background look. Building your own means you have complete control as to where your elements appear and fit in with the obligatory boxes.

angieandco fb bannerFacebook banners used to fit down the left hand side of the business page but now the timeline banners are appearing you have more room to create a suitable image for your branding and marketing purposes. The new dimensions for the area available is 850 px x 315 px and the profile picture is now 125 px square. In this case load a high resolution image to avoid pixelation and blurring. With your new Logo, profile pic and bio, using your chosen colour or image or both you can try out and experiment with your first branding exercise. If you don’t like it you can change it and it wont cost you anything in design fees.

Trial and error is easy and you can afford to play around.

Another excellent use for your branding material is to create a template to use in word processing documents for a letterhead, compliment slip or invoice.

Always aim to use the same colour, the same font and the same image/logo whether it be one or multiple colours. Size doesn’t matter as long as it is identifiable and readable!

Consistency is the key all the way through building a brand.

Read on for Building your brand in person, part five…

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