attracts social mediaPart Six, Stretching Brand Boundaries Further, Blogs and Banners!

Building your brand begins with the basics but relies on you promoting your profile and ‘image’ wherever you can.  Good Graphic Design enhances and attracts using Social Media. Being ‘seen’ and recognised is your aim, but its useful to be known for the right reasons.

You need to be known as an expert in your field to build credibility for your brand. Building a brand and then being recognised for poor service and poor products obviously does more damage for sales than having no recognisable brand.

How to become more widely known for your acumen and attract followers? 

Start Blogging!  is an intricate and essential part of building your reputation and so creating credibility for yourself. With many blog sites available today and loads of advice on how or what to blog you will have no trouble getting going.

Most blogging sites are customisable.  This allows you, once up and running to make sure you tie your blog site design into your other existing media on-line – and off! With your FB page, your twitter background and your blog site branded your ‘image’ will begin to really reach people’s consciousness.

You may then wish to produce an email newsletter based on your blog site and this gives you another opportunity to reach out with your branding.

The more you use a consistent branding and the more people see it, the stronger your identity becomes,  you will find that you are recognised more quickly and most importantly remembered.

The beauty of branding is that it offers several elements that appeal to the different ways people are able to make associations as they recollect things in different ways. Some people remember names better than faces or images better than words. Thats why a good brand will contain several elements that work together and hit those susceptible areas of the brain.

However, the memory has a tendency of fading so the next step is producing media for the client to physically hold in their hands….

Read on, part 7

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