Part One,  Social Media begins with ‘YOU’.

If you are reading this you must be either slightly interested and aware of the power of social media or bored with nothing better to do.

Learning about social media, however computer literate you may be, enables you to engage as little or as much as you wish and in the areas that are best suited to you and your business. For some businesses it may not be the way to go but it is free marketing at the end of the day – can you really turn that down what ever your acumen.

Basically we generate interest and conversation across the internet to market ourselves as nice people and our businesses as essential services or products other people just cant do without!

So how do you begin to market yourself?

Answer: Create YOUR Brand identity.

Before panicking about cost and where to start, relax, it’s easy… a profile picture is the most essential starting point in branding yourself in social media forums.

Don’t even think about other Graphic considerations this is the most important place to start the interaction, start the ‘involvement’. It is very well accepted that the best interactions and conversations take off when you can picture who you are talking to! An egg doesn’t really encourage riveting banter!

Not only does this indicate the persons confidence in what they tweet it makes them appear responsible for the quality and conversation. You can hide behind an ‘egg’!

If you have ever been to a ‘TweetUp’ people delight in meeting the person behind the twitter name!

A couple of tips, choose a good photo, one that you like yourself, it doesn’t have to be grinning from ear to ear but at least use one that has a pleasant happy feel to it! It can be fun doesn’t have to be serious and remember you can change it as frequently as you wish!

If you, or you know someone that is, versed in software with photo manipulation you can of course retouch your own photo – blank someone out or remove a complicated background.

Make sure it is a good enough resolution, the best photo will not look good if grainy and blurred.

Most photographers will offer a profile photo service and it can be a very cost effective investment for future branding requirements. (profiles, cv, web pages, blog pages, ever changing FaceBook banners!!!)

One interesting idea would to include your profile picture being taken in front of a backdrop of your company/favourite colour! (See Part Two to follow later…)

As always there are exceptions to this rule, so provoking a healthy difference of opinion. One tweeter I know has a wardrobe of superhero costumes, drawn of course by hand which change frequently. He is known for his quirky sense of humour and he is an illustrator! Would be nice to see his face eve now and again but its fun and its Brand development!

When an ‘egg’ tweets me –  I do tend to wonder who they are. When a ‘logo’ tweets me, although using their “brand”, its still not quite as personal as the person behind the brand.

If you are still an ‘egg’ is it because you are ‘chicken’ to put your face to your brand?

Be confident in yourself, be confident in your posts and it will encourage customer confidence and more interactions!

You have began to build your brand, simple effective and easy really.

Read on, Part Two…


Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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