favourite coloursPart Two, From ‘You’ to ‘Blue’, or green or even orange!

Starting very simply you have began building your brand, a good profile pic and people are beginning to identify you!

Now whats your favourite colour?

This is a good place to start with colour but be careful is it relevant and suitable for your company?

Your love of ‘baby pink’ may not reflect your business acumen in the building trade.

With everything there are rules to be broken but some colours have more meaning and suggestion than others. Green being generally associated as Eco friendly, healthy, organic. Darker blues are a safe colour for professional services, solicitors and accountants. Oranges reds and bright yellows are vibrant ‘going places’ colours, often travel industry and  ‘feel good’ colours. So many colours theres a good choice for anyone!

Purple is mine, I wear it, I paint it and I ‘USE’ it to its full! At one of my network meetings they place purple serviettes on the table – my aim is to get everyone in the room to think of me when seeing the table laid out – slightly over the top may be?

Building your Brand is all about association. 

British Airways use the Union Jack in their identity.  They ‘fly the flag’! Many British based companies will use red white and blue. Aer Lingus’ corporate colour is green not surprisingly with a shamrock!

Think of a colour, then think what you associate with it, look up other companies with the same services you offer and see what they use. However there are ways to use a diverse colour to your advantage that can be quite liberating and successful against your competitors which will make you stand out in the crowd.

When you’ve chosen your colour, begin to introduce it into your social media profiles. If you had your profile picture shot with that chosen colour background you are already one step ahead! Try changing your twitter background to as near as you can get, the choice may be limited but the idea will filter through. Where you can use it on forum signatures and basic formatted newsletters is an ideal place to start creating a stronger identity.

Watch out for Part Three…

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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