business cardsPart Five, Moving your Brand Boundaries, Business cards

So far your branding exercise has not cost you anything much, a clip art image, a free font and time. Gradually you may want to tweak your images or even refresh your logo if your business has taken a slightly diverse direction than originally intended.

Once content with your brand it may be important to build that web site or take your marketing material one step forward into print, moving from virtual to physical hold in the hand media.

Look at the media you actually need. 

Business cards are essential and really you should have had one in existence as soon as you started to market your self but may be its time to move on from the cheaper on-line services you have used to a bespoke card.  Business card printing can be done very cheaply using on-line templates, the problem you face is coming up to someone one day with the same card design. Slightly embarrassing!

Cheap on-line printing has a very important place in helping start up businesses ‘start up’!

However as soon as you can, invest in your business!

A business card created for you and your business can say more about you than the information written in print. The quality and weight of the card, the print process and finish you choose says more about the confidence you have in your company than anything. Make sure you spend out on a bespoke web address and email, move away from gmail, hotmail and bt etc. Its worth it.

If you are apologising for your cards when meeting people, bin them, because they will!

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