Good design golf courseHow do you know ‘Good Design’ when you see it?

How do you judge anything to be ‘good’?

You have to have something to compare it with…

What makes a good golf course?

There is certain information you need to know before making your decision between similar Golf Courses, you may want to have a few referrals but in the end it is your opinion that counts and what that Course offers you!

Is it the layout, attractive surroundings?
Is it well maintained – the quality of the greens, how rough is the rough?
Is it demanding enough and will offer a challenge?

Deciding what you want from joining a Golf Club is the first step and which one is more suitable depends on what you want to achieve from playing it?

19th holeIs it just the temptation of a good 19th hole?

For different people there are different criteria, one may be better suited to you more than someone else. However unless you have played several other courses your perception, opinions and judgement is confined to your experience.

How do you know what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ design?

I’m always talking about good design and how important it is – but really its not what it ‘is’ but what it ‘does’!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ‘taste’ plays a big part in making judgements.

To judge anything fairly you have to have comparisons and bench marks. Understanding how important it is not judge only on appearance but rather if the functions and objectives have been achieved and the design fulfils all the required  criteria.

Good Design is not only about looking attractive but fulfilling the objectives the client requires it to achieve.

The challenge is to create a design that catches the eye and interests the customer. It must be targeted correctly to the right audience and communicates the required information. It must highlight the features and benefits in an easy to read format, text that flows well and leads the eye to the important elements.  Essentially it should be clear and easily understood and the call to action and contact details should be quickly identified.

What is is. What it does. What is the result. Who it’s made by.  Where to get it.

The same applies to choosing the equipment all ‘good’ golfers need.

golf club design 7212818364_7ece4f204a_oYou need to know what each ‘bat’ – sorry – ‘club’ does and how it suits you. Two brands of golf club may be very similar but I believe they actually ‘do’ different things, so you have to decide on the information you have been told.

Which one will help you hit your target?

Good design must be functional as well as attractive and memorable.

Your advert or brochure can look beautiful and sophisticated but does it ‘do’ what it was created to ?

Does it communicate your message and will it produce the right reactions fulfilling your objectives?

If a tall dark handsome salesman fails to attract customers and fails to generate any sales, he is not a ‘good’ salesman whatever he looks like!

Great layout, superb images and good typography is essential but it must also ‘work’ for you!

A ‘good’ design will appeal to the right customer, ‘you’, the client commissioning the brochure, may not like it but that isn’t all important if the prospective audience will!

Captivate – attract the right target audience with catchy headlines and good images.

Engage – engaging  text, informing and educating, communicating clearly and concisely to enable retention and interest.

Evoke – content that will arouse an emotion or a reaction creating a need.

Retain – be memorable for the right reasons.

Initiate – call to action, energize the action required.

Identify – Logo enables easier recall and more recognisable.

Contact – all details to enable enquiries to be made quickly and easily.

Benefit – a tag line to confirm the benefits.

If all these elements work together and function efficiently the design will produce the required results and be well worth the investment.

Question – Can a design be good but then not work?
Answer – I don’t believe so – not in business when results are the make or break of a company!

‘Good’ design can only be really judged on the results it achieves. – Creating Business By Design

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.

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Golf Image from Steve Jurvetson with thanks