Close your eyes and describe the colour blue…

Could you sell the sky?

Pretend the person you are talking to can’t see and has never experienced ‘blue’.

How can you describe ‘a colour’ in words or other images?

Feelings and emotions cause the same challenges when being described.

Closing your eyes makes you concentrate. Describing your immediate surroundings is easy but can you describe the cold winter morning from your memories of last winter? Not as easy and as quick to call to mind but not that hard as you have had many such experiences. Easier than trying to explain being in the middle of a hurricane when you have never experienced it!

Developing an image that portrays thoughts and information can be very difficult and also prone to personal opinion. Although information can be more easily translated using images to different cultures and crossing language barriers the images have to be carefully chosen and developed. Developing an image that conveys emotion is another challenge.

Intentionally evoking emotion in branding…

Emotion is used extensively in marketing and selling products. Logos can only evoke emotion if the audience connects the association. An emotional logo will only work if relevant. An animal home will benefit from marketing and advertising that hits the emotions of animal lovers. It will not make any impact on someone with no affinity to pets.

Choosing your target audience and appeal has to be considered even in logo design. Who is going to be interested in using your company or services?

Your logo is the first introduction, the first advert and the first opportunity to create interest and enquiry!

Unintentionally and unforeseeable emotion – not always a success?

Emotion is evoked by memories, so that VW logo that brings tears to your eyes as you watch the Beetle scoot down the road wasn’t foreseen by the designers at VW. They want to evoke good emotions but have no power over the kind of memories you may have of VW Beetles, your first true love is good, sentimental and touching on your free loving youth but what if it was your first boyfriend ditching you for the girl with the pink beetle!

No control on that one!

Most branding ideas are easier to manipulate but can’t cover all eventualities or account for personal experiences and taste so you win where you can.

What images does your logo evoke in people – are you brave enough to ask?

If all you could show people was your logo and no marketing blurb would they ‘feel’ something or is it cold?

Does it need to be emotional? – may be not!

Branding is crucial and we are back to target audience once more.

People need clues or suggestions, emotional or logical,  to help their buying choices, the more information and understanding they have the more chance you have in making the sale or connection.

Consider the next few logos you see advertised and analyse how they make you feel, is there one car brand that means ‘something’,  a particular drink that reminds  you of an excellent event or the worst hangover?

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.