unusual advertisingHow To Get Noticed… Effective Advertising You Can Learn from!

Advertising is a cut throat business whether its global branding or small business, everyone wants to make a mark and get noticed. It’s a cut-throat-market and the advertising industry has to rely on bigger and bigger budgets, CGI and famous names.

Smaller business’s don’t have that kind of money so with thousands of  marketing messages bombarding our every day existence how do you hit it right?

Innovation is the only solution!

A successful advert catches the attention, creates interest and installs the suggestion in the mind of the customer that they cannot be without the product or service whether that is for necessity or purely ‘want’.

Catching the audiences attention and imagination is the primary goal.
I’m loving the Kit Kat bench!

Essentially words and pictures that are clever, funny, suggestive or shocking, evoke the emotions that are used again and again to make the advert memorable. (Read about Emotional Branding) However to continue to be successful, each new advertising campaign needs to be, at the very least one or two steps ahead of the competition in the ‘clever’ stakes! Innovation becomes harder and harder to achieve!

unusually placed advertisngAdvertising appears everywhere but also in some very interesting ways and places.

Driving around the A12 through Stratford the other day I couldn’t fail to miss The Big Yellow Self-Storage Warehouse from literally miles away… Ok, it’s premises are bright yellow and are very hard to ignore generally but this was a very simple advert.  Where it was placed kind of drew my attention!

Be different!

Some advertising has to be given a second look to take in the full meaning that it wants to convey but has to attract the attention long enough to let the message sink in… the advert below is simple, from a Funeral Directors!


Word play is especially popular and very effective…phuket

Certainly grabs the attention!

Think outside the box and off the wall, produce something unexpected.  The same old stuff will be scanned over and forgotten. Tube/underground adverts have a captive audience but bill boards have seconds to get their message across.

3m-security-glass The best ads are the simplest, 3M demonstrates this very effectively, with confidence. Demonstrating their confidence in their product to such a degree you can’t fail to be impressed.

The right images sell, connecting the brain with the product in an instant. Images capture attention much faster than words in many cases.

Images that evoke emotions are essential in good advertising, whether they support the headlines or create the focus. Images can make you think and then enquire as to what the words have to say, we are all generally very lazy.

Why are comics more popular than books with kids?

eurostarIf someone described an advert promoting weekends away in London by Eurostar, using a photo of beans and fried eggs, you may just conjure the image of an indulgent relaxing breakfast in bed, but what does this image really suggest to you when you see it?

Great photography and a very subtle message.


effective advertising

Papergraphics is the UK’s leading and most colourful supplier of large-format inkjet print media for the graphics and CAD markets.

‘Think Different’ the catch phrase for Apple, it shouts we are not run of the mill, we are special, we don’t want to be like everyone else! It’s remembered and they lived up to it.

Have you ever seen a silver bus? If so you would have remembered it, ok, may be not what it was promoting but that is one step in the right direction. The bus was converted for an exhibition by Papergraphics, it was fitted out especially for the FESPA exhibition with a full leather interior, coffee meeting area and drinks bar – very impressive.

A bit out of most peoples budget but the ideas are around to copy (within reason).


You can effectively advertise on a low budget –

With good design and good copy your advertising can be successful on and in easily available places without spending a fortune.

Vehicle graphics, sign boards, pull up banners, a run of small interesting adverts in a local magazine, Facebook and other Social media posts, good quality marketing flyers that offer something of interest to the reader before they hit the bin, sponsorship and events offer other opportunities to get you noticed.

Imagination is the key and may be a  sense of humour, taking yourself too seriously may limit your innovation! Be brave, be confident and be different! Keep it legal though, as that will certainly get noticed for the wrong reasons may be!

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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