Can you flog a product you know doesn’t work?

“Del Boy” Did, but did that make him a millionaire?

Finding a genuine ‘piece’ did!

If you know your business card is out of date can you confidently offer it without apologising?

When your prices aren’t accurate and you have to amend the price lists does that give your customers confidence?

Would you get accused of ‘hidden costs’?

When your special offer leaflet is out of date do you still mail it?

It is essential for a business to install confidence with its clients and prospective customers. They need to have an assurance in your organisation to grow trust and dependability. ‘Behind the scenes’ operations and procedures can be judged on the ‘front man’s’ organisation skills and appearance.

Make sure you have a branded email address, not a hotmail or gmail for example, however accessible or convenient, they give the impression of a ‘fly-by-night’ business like PO box addresses. Its better to invest in it as early as possible because as your business grows if you then change it contacts will be lost.

Take a little time to update your media. Make sure your media is not in all different styles and colours don’t match. Concentrate on consistency, not only where your company image is displayed but with your procedures and your brand experience. This means keeping the guarantees and offers clear and concise for all customers so everyone knows where they stand.

One of the local gymnasiums has so many different membership tariffs no one knows where they are let alone the sales team, it only breeds dissatisfaction when one member is paying £20 a month more than another for the same facilities.

Don’t run lots of different offers at the same time – plan your strategy and your marketing. Make seasonal offers at the right time, don’t offer easter eggs two weeks before easter, its too late but don’t scare people with christmas in july before the kids have had their summer holiday. Over saturation is as bad as under selling, you can bore people into submission but will they come back? they may just run and hide when they see you coming next time!

Forward planning, sticking to deadlines and gauging your audience, while you can’t sell log fires in the height of summer – very often – you can sell cadburys cream eggs anytime! Hot cross buns sneakily  become ‘fruit buns’ after Easter!

Keep your marketing media up to date, make it current if possible with reference to events happening around you, the Olympics this year was perfect, as long as you didn’t use the words ‘gold’, ‘silver’, ‘bronze’, ‘medals’, ‘olympic’ etc etc!

Never give a business card out with hand written details, take theirs and contact them. You become ‘selective’ rather than ‘unprofessional’!

Don’t give the wrong price unless you can rectify it with a cheaper one or add extra value!

Mistakes happen and prices vary but credibility is essential! Weigh up what you are likely to lose, one customer who may spread the word or a few pounds in printing costs?

Costs of reprinting your leaflet must outweigh that new order and design costs are cheaper for small amendments than a ‘redesign’.

A small business has many competitors, you need your best clothes and best hat each time you go out to ‘sell’. Impress on all fronts, knowledge, expertise, sparkling personality – brush up on your jokes! or may be not!!

Use your literature to support your products with the best pictures, the best authentic tag lines, create a portfolio not a rag mag of media!

Good Design will enhance your brand, promote your products and create credibility, you have to do the rest!


Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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