Night Club Nightmares and Dreadful Design –  

Hey guys – just think for me the last time you were in a night club or bar with a drunken female breathing down your neck and you have no choice about where to look although castration could be the end result from glaring partner or a sharp slap for misconstrued intentions!

The normal rules of dressing for allure is either one asset or another but sadly some over enthusiasts often aim for as much bare flesh as possible so rather than attractive cleavage you get deep chasm and shirts as wide as belts! (This usually applies to the female clubber but no holds barred!)

If you like it, thats your prerogative but often its scary stuff even to watch!

Design is like that – well it has similarities – one of the rules most of us have heard of is “Less is more”!  Apt for many connotations!

Taste is always in the eye of the beholder but there are limits! Too many colours, too many blocks or images just gives your eyes too many places to look, and sunglasses become a relief to hide behind!

The 70’s glam specs had several advantages!

Another tip is the use of ‘white space’ –  don’t cram every available space with images and text – all jumping about in your face! All too much for the reader who just wont bother beyond the headline – if you are lucky!

Too many tattoos have the same effect – where do you start?

Spacing text and nicely spaced typography will be easier to read and more attractive to the eye – your target market will more likely take the time out to read through a paragraph of eye candy rather than a full page of screaming pros! (euphemism!)

‘Less is more’ also comes into play with typefaces and styles – Three! no more (usually) and that means a title/heading font, a text or body copy style, that either needs to be a sympathetic style to the heading or the opposite – ie Serif – the ones with extra ‘bits and tails’! or Sans serif – type with out ‘bits’.  If you are lucky you can then choose to use a font to highlight or inform, ie an italic face – OF THE SAME FAMILY as one of the above!

In other words – be selective, dont be a text slut! or any other come to that!

Please! please! Align them all in a similar way – do not range right, range left and then centre – its not a dance move! Justifying is great if you can create nice spaces not gaping holes in your paragraphs!  You may need a good typographer when attempting this tricky aspiration! By the way ‘range left’  means tidy on the left and ragged on the right hand side – ‘range right’ means the opposite!

A bit like co-ordinating your dance moves, even the Macarena fanatics look ‘good’ Macarena when synchronised!

Design your information for the media you require – don’t try and fit copious amounts of information on to a business card – its a business card – an introduction, not a company report!

fat elvis

And by the way this is not classed as ‘White space!’

(We wont mention the size 24 beer belly, the unbuttoned shirt and medallion or the size 22 belly dancer crammed into that teeny pair of shorts!)

Use postcard or leaflet media to sell special offers and inform, then use a brochure or folder with inserts as your company portfolio.

If embarking on a company media crusade, work out what you really want, then decide what you really need, unless you have a bottomless budget – (then come talk to me first !) you could end up doubling up when one good quality item would have done the job!

Lastly – almost – and this is all important if producing a range of media – CONTINUITY!

Make sure your corporate colour is printed uniformly across all media – digital and litho printing are two very different processes and colours may vary drastically unless managed! Typeface styles must also be the same across the board – you are creating a company image!

green glitter ballFinally – Your logo must be BIG enough, not a web gif unless bigger than I’ve ever seen, remember 300dpi! at the size you need or it will be pixelated! Painful believe me! Your logo may end up resembling a ‘glitter ball’ rather than your image.  If in doubt make a pdf an view it at 100% and 300% you can then see the quality you are likely to get.

In the real world, not the night club, enlarging anything above it’s original size is almost impossible but its far easier to have it reduced!

So next time you are being accosted in a club by someone larger than life – male or female –  remember these design tips, its better to leave something to the imagination, what you see is what you get, and ‘artificially enhanced’ has its downfalls depending on your outlook, superficially attractive but not always practical.

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.