cupcakes“Let them eat cake…” the phrase responsible for a life long brand! (But cupcakes and Business Branding ?)

– although short – one of histories greatest infamies which outlived her long after her demise at the guillotine!

Obviously Marie Antoinette knew a thing or two about the impending ‘Cupcake Revolution’, decapitation being her reward!


branding cupcakes

Savoury Cupcakes by ‘Out of The Box cakes’

Cupcakes are everywhere, all sizes from monsters to minis, all the flavours you can think of, including, only recently experienced, “Savoury Sponges” by Out of the Box Cakes, and catering for all occasions including cakes tastefully decorated for funerals!

Why is it then I have been surprised to discover cupcakes and business branding mixed together?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve popped into a couple of Business Expos, usually I wander round spying out the chocolate – who doesnt?? – as well as looking for suppliers and networking opportunities of course….., but I was delighted to find a selection of cupcakes on several stands. Their purpose however was not to promote cake decorating or celebration cakes but were being offered instead of the tin of normal confectionary!

cupcakes branding

Creditsafe – simply smarter!

Nothing new really, I hear you say and so why was I so impressed to write this article..?

My love of branding and design far outweighs my love of cake, believe it or not! (prefer chocolate). Not only did the Nathan from Creditsafe, have cupcakes but they were branded in his company colours.

Almost too good to eat – almost!

Perfect colour matching if I say it myself – I was impressed, I almost wished I had my Pantone colour guide with me!! (sad)

There was, however more excitement to come, down the next aisle, another exhibitor was totally colour co-ordinated. With two stands next to each other, one promoting The Athena Network and the other ROAR Accountants, with two batches of mini cupcakes in corporate colours!

cupcakes brandingroar cupcake brandingIts always detail that impresses, attention to the finer points which completes a theme or a ‘look’ and builds a brand.




Cupcakes and business branding – The ‘icing on the cake’ – was perfectly matched, in fact it was a better match for colour than some of the budget print I’ve seen recently.

The cupcakes were promoting the business of the exhibitor more successfully than the tins of chocolates in many ways, they created a block of colour co-ordinating with the branding on the stand, and helped to attract attention, the attraction created conversation, “would you like a cake…” “…did you make them yourself?”  …”they taste good…!” “Ill come back for another!”

Traffic! Interest! Engagement! Sales???

Exhibitors are there primarily to sell, make contacts and add to their databases for future marketing. With promotional items and gifts to attract attention, they create opportunity, tempting people to stop long enough and ‘engage’. Marketing literature and advertising attracts attention, branding makes it stronger and more memorable.

We have all heard of ploys to sell houses, newly baked bread, vases of fragrant flowers, branded cupcakes go one step further than the tin of chocolate – its easy to pick up a chocolate and walk away – much harder to take a cake with out conversing, common curtesy means you have to ask who made them and comment on the taste! A small touch but there is so much more you can talk about while eating the cake!

Clever thinking, marketing and branding outside the box – the cake box!

I have designed branding for cake companies but am now thinking of using cakes for branding. I think I shall include an icing colour chart in my logo colour spec that I supply with all logos!

I do like the idea of edible branding, the chocolate business card I ate last week was great – just forgot to write the details down first!

Thank you to:

Anna Rose from Out Of The Box Cakes for the photos of the mono cupcakes and Savoury Cupcakes.

Nathan Harris from Creditsafe for the inspiration and tasty red cupcakes.

Leo Clarke-Stokes from Athena West Herts and Roar Accountants, lovely to meet and chat at Luton Business Expo and sample her cakes made by Hannah Lorman, Pink Flamingo Bakery

Angie Phillips of A.N.G Creative Design, based in Essex, UK, helping you communicate your message to your clients and generating more leads and sales.


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