Creating Bespoke Christmas Cards Specifically For Your Business

Bespoke cartoon christmas cards

Bespoke Christmas Cards – Personally Designed For You & Your Business…

There are many lovely expensive cards around and many companies offering branded cards for that very purpose but its not the flashy cards that will make the best impression.

bespoke christmas cardsA bespoke card, designed and illustrated in a way that is personal to you and your business will really stand out on the shelf. Your branding and products can be depicted and will be on show for all to see. Sending cards early will get achieve the maximum possible exposure  over the festive period.

An original card will capture the personality of your business and will certainly not be overshadowed by anything else.  Make them humorous, make your clients laugh!

People are always remembered for humour…

A.N.G. Creative Design has teamed up with “STICKBOTS” to offer a choice of personally designed bespoke christmas cards. If you fancy something a bit more quirky, STICKBOTS will create a design for you around a joke or ‘gag’ that could be personal to you or your company. They are simple, funny and designed to brighten any day – not just Christmas. So to give your Client a chuckle or a wickedly loud laugh.

bespoke christmas cards

bespoke christmas cards and voucher

“I can’t afford the postage”, “It’s a waste”, “Think of the Trees!” I hear you cry, but can you afford to lose your clients?

How much is an average order worth?
For the small sum of £2 or £3 you could generate a new order for the new year. If your quietest time is January and february wouldn’t a good will gesture in December help with those sales figures?
If another competitor is sending beautiful bespoke greetings cards with their name and company, joyfully wishing prosperity and happiness, can you really compete with not being seen on their windowsill

So is your Client worth £1.75?

This year, as an added bonus, your card will include the design of a gift voucher or christmas offer to be printed inside your Christmas card.

Think how easy it would be….

  • NO Shopping around for suitable cards –  a bespoke christmas card, cartoon illustration especially for your company,
  • NO extra costs for adding your company branding – your logo and company contact details are worked into the design and placed on the back,
  • NO endless evenings writing good wishes and signing your name – Your chosen Seasons Greetings are printed along with all your signatures,
  • We can even save you 20% on mailing costs!

Send A Cartoon Christmas Gift Card To Your Client will Improve Your Business and people will remember you!

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