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Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?

Do you have limited resources to hire professional graphic designers?

Learning graphic design will empower you to create your own marketing materials, social media graphics, and website designs.

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“Headaches From Hell?” 

• Cant get your head around resolution or colour formats?

• Your design prints incorrectly and you dont know why?

• My logo is blurred and pixelated?

This is for YOU!


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“Headaches from Hell? – Design your Way to Heaven”

The Design Angel’s down to earth guide to help you create DIVINE graphics and become a Design Goddess or God, without the headaches!! 

Improve your business branding,
look and feel more professional and sell more.

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Aspiring graphic designers, Start-ups, VA’s, Social Media Managers, Business Coaches, Students, Entrepreneurs, Mums in Business, people who want to be able to do simple design projects for yourselves.

Professionals working in marketing, advertising, web development, or content creation can benefit from graphic design tuition to expand their skill set.

Artists and Creatives, helping you broaden your skill set and explore new avenues for expressing your creativity.

Hobbyists and Enthusiasts with a keen interest in graphic design. Learn new techniques, explore different design styles, and gain a deeper understanding of design principles to enhance your creative projects.

Learn how to apply design principles to your leaflets branding and artwork, create digital illustrations, design exhibition materials, or develop a cohesive visual identity for your personal brand.

I’m Angie Phillips, a Graphic Designer and Visual Brand Consultant.
Working with people in business, Professional Service Firms to SME’s and Solopreneurs.
I LOVE what I do!

I’ve been in the design industry for over 35 years. I studied Graphic Design for 4 years and although my dream was to be a cartoonist I ended up  specialising in graphics and packaging design. My first job was for a print/packaging company learning about design and print in the real world. I went on to join a London W1 Design agency, working on pharmaceutical and cosmetics such as No7 and Yardley. While working for an European Packaging company, I supported the sales team with promotional literature and packaging prototypes for Carlsberg and Coca Cola.

I began freelancing when I had my two children and started building my own business. I have since established a long list of loyal clients who trust my advice and expertise.
From working closely with my clients I understand the problems small businesses have with creating cost effective design assets and I want to help you and your business look and feel more professional.

I use my expertise to help you CREATE IMPACT and deliver MORE WOW!

This website has loads of information and blogs about all kinds of design needs, but join my Facebook page @Creative Design Haven for daily tips and help!


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Working with people in business from Professional Service Firms to Solopreneurs and SME’s.

Making you VISIBLE, increasing engagement and more enquiries, ensuring you stand out in your market place.


I LOVE what I do!


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Articles to help you

How to design a pull-up roller banner

How to design a pull-up roller banner

How To Design A Pull-up Roller Banner So you need to design a pull-up roller banner, this is probably one of the largest pieces of advertising you will do unless of course you want a few bill boards ... A Pull-up roller banner is light weight so very portable for carrying. Its a powerful marketing...

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What Does A Pull-Up Roller Banner Cost?

What Does A Pull-Up Roller Banner Cost?

A stunning pull up roller banner attracts people from across the room whether at an Expo or a networking breakfast! It creates an attractive display wherever you go in seconds and gets you seen. Before answering the main question consider the following... Why do you want it? What do you want it to...

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How To Design A Good Website And Get Results

How To Design A Good Website And Get Results

Recently, having rebranded, I needed a new website - it was essential to really show off my work. In designing the new site I had to initially decide why I needed it, what I actually wanted it to do and what was its purpose going to be? I designed and built my previous website (as Angieandco)...

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Weighing up your Direct Mail

Weighing up your Direct Mail

Calculating the cost of Direct Mail, or more realistically, the cost of not doing it! Just before Christmas it is my brother’s birthday but his card failed to arrive - I had included it in the same envelope as his christmas card (saving postage). Even though I had sent it in plenty of time (I was...

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Why Do You Bother With Business Cards?

Why Do You Bother With Business Cards?

Business Cards can be the most useful contact tool if used to their full potential so why waste any opportunity to present your business? Business cards are still the most conventional form of gathering contacts and reference to the people or suppliers that cross your path, but with pockets full...

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